• Seize The Yay by Sarah Davidson
  • Seize The Yay by Sarah Davidson

Seize The Yay by Sarah Davidson

A savvy, uplifting business and life guide for entrepreneurial millennials seeking to find their yay - from the Founder of Matcha Maiden, Match Mylkbar and the Seize the Yay podcast

Kick goals in your business or career and find happiness and fulfilment in the process - Seize The Yay shows you how to do both.

There are so many wellness and business titles on the market focusing on success and productivity, but not many which encourage you to break that autopilot circuit of 'busy' and flip the conversation back towards what makes you yay.

Entrepreneur and Co-Founder of Matcha Maiden green tea, Sarah started her first business after suffering from a case of complete adrenal exhaustion. As a young lawyer looking for a caffeine-free fix to supplement her serious coffee habit, she ordered ten kilos of tea from Japan by accident. Starting up a side hustle to shift the nine kilos of matcha she didn't need, Matcha Maiden was born. With no background in the area, business experience or investment behind them, Sarah and her partner Nic built Matcha Maiden from scratch, followed by internationally acclaimed plant-based cafe Matcha Mylkbar and, later, the chart-topping Seize the Yay podcast. Here, Sarah shows how it can be done without losing your joy or sense of appreciation for the journey.

Sharing practical tips and life advice to help you realize your own career and life dreams while staying grounded and well, Seize The Yay is your one-stop-shop for achieving business success. Did somebody say #lifegoals?

"This is Sarah's second book to joining the Tell Her book list and for good reason... she is AMAZING! First with her quote flipbook which is a desk-essential and now her very own non-fiction masterpiece. She shares every lesson she's learned on self-doubt, discomfort, agility, anxiety, relationships, and the evolving journey (rather than as a static destination) of happiness and it is a must-have for any go-getting entrepreneurial lady in your life." - Carly, Chief Book Officer of Tell Her.