Canvast Yearly Planner

We couldn't have a gift-giving website for go-getting women and not include the Canvast yearly planner in our gift list. Canvast is the dateless yearly planner for boss women and the perfect gift for your A-type friend. 

This all-in-one planner has it aaaallllllll including: 

  • Monthly pep talks
  • Monthly and weekly views
  • Budget
  • Goal setting
  • Notes
  • Real life advice
  • VIP section at the back for secret squirrel items: passwords, app logins, croquet membership number etc.

"Back when Tell Her was a pipe dream, I had a beer with Canvast's founder Emma to pick her brain. Including her planner in the Tell Her gift list was a no brainer - it is built by a go-getting Australian small business woman for fellow go-getting women." - Carly, Chief Book Officer of Tell Her. 

Nitty Gritty Deets:

  • Size (cm): 29 x 19cm x 2.45
  • Luxurious black cloth hardcover
  • 12 month planner
  • Foil Canvast logo on cover
  • Double ribbon page marker
  • Smooth 120gsm paper
  • Lay flat binding
  • A Canvast fabric bag to ensure it stays in pristine condition, even in your handbag
  • $75.00